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At Ark Contracting, we believe that using green remodeling practices is our duty as protectors of the Earth. Our innovative eco-friendly remodeling practices help to improve indoor air quality, conserve energy and resources, reduce material waste, and increase the use of products that are better for the environment and people. We strive to reduce waste during construction, and whenever possible use eco-friendly materials and energy saving systems throughout your project (reducing our carbon footprint - and yours). And the icing on the cake? Not only can green remodeling benefit our lifestyle and our environment, it can also result in substantial tax deductions and rebates.

As a part of any project, Ark Contracting can assist you in determining the best green remodeling options, and can also be your liaison in securing energy efficient materials and systems that will help you save money.

Why Go Green?

  • To create a healthier home. Traditional building materials like paints, rugs, pressed lumber, and countertops rely on heavy pollutant-intensive manufacturing processes; and as a result, many emit toxins into your home and into the atmosphere for years after installation. Using eco-materials creates a healthier environment for your family and for the earth.

  • To lower energy costs and consumption. According to the Sustainable Building Industry Council, housing alone consumes 20% of America's energy. Homeowners who choose to remodel green can lower their energy consumption and costs by 30-50%, and can be a part of a global solution.

  • To benefit the earth. Remodeling green, installing energy efficient technologies, incorporating recycled materials, or simply using healthier materials will help homeowners to be easier on the Earth's natural resources. As one example, forests produce 40% of earth's oxygen, yet building supplies use 25% of the earth's forests. Recycled materials keep those forests intact.

Ark is 'green' during construction, and after the project too.

When remodeling a home, there is often a large amount of construction waste. According to the EPA, this amounts to 136 million tons of waste annually which in turn makes up 20% of the waste in landfills. Eighty-five to 90 percent of the materials that are thrown out can be recycled. At Ark, we reduce this waste at all stages of the project. We use local materials, build with safer engineered lumber, and recycle the reduced waste from the project. So you can feel great about your new healthier home and great about how you treat the environment.

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