Our Process

When considering a renovation, remodel, or new addition, the first stage is a site consult. Our team is happy to visit the project site in the early stages of your decision process to help generate ideas for your new space, advise on best use of focal points, and, of course, to protect you from potential pitfalls. We provide a project quote, with no further obligation required. 

If you live in Washington, DC, Bethesda or Chevy Chase, we will be happy to meet with you onsite for a complimentary remodeling consultation. Please call or email us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your home remodeling project, design considerations, and budgeting. 

Phase One

Preliminary Design / Feasibility Study

  • Review feasibility study agreement
  • Preliminary check of the existing mechanical/structural systems
  • Review existing house plans
  • Check zoning issues, restrictions
  • Develop preliminary floor plans and elevations
  • Design meeting with client

Phase Two

Construction Documents

  • Refine design
  • Review design/ site at walk-through with mechanical and structural experts, and a project manager
  • Provide guidance in product materials selection and specifications
  • Progress meetings with client as required
  • Develop detailed construction plans (working drawings)/elevations
  • Prepare comprehensive construction contract with menu of options
  • Acquire permits

Phase Three


  • Project schedule developed and presented
  • In-house carpentry crews assigned
  • Project manager meets with clients at appropriate junctures
  • Manager coordinates subs/inspections
  • Lead carpenter on site
  • Payment draw schedule presented to client
  • Certificate of insurance presented/ liens released if requested
  • Punch list presented at completion of project

Phase Four

Six-Month Review

We provide the highest quality of construction - the foundation of energy-efficient and healthy home principles. 

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our work within a year of completion, we will make the necessary changes to ensure your satisfaction. And six months after completion of your project, we conduct a walk-through of your project - and make any adjustments needed. We'll leave no corner unperfected! 

At Ark Contracting, we know that the real foundation of our work is your satisfaction. 

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