Whether located in Bethesda, MD, Chevy Chase, MD or Washington, DC, people everywhere want their kitchen remodeled to meet their particular needs. Imagine having a kitchen that makes cooking and entertaining a delight. At Ark, we understand that your kitchen should be custom-designed and remodeled to meet your living style, anticipate traffic flow, and inspire. A well-designed kitchen is a work zone where everything is at your fingertips (and yet can be easily hidden) and also serves as a relaxing space for congregating, entertaining, and eating together. 

Whether you have opted for a strategic make-over, expansion, or a complete renovation, The Ark Team will design and create an efficient, functional, stunning kitchen that makes life and meals easier and more enjoyable. 

CASE STUDY: Fish Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, Kitchen Remodel

This beautiful 1907 brick row-home, located two blocks from the Capitol, needed a kitchen to match the updated Victorian style. Like many homes, it had been renovated but the homeowners wanted a kitchen that worked for them. They wanted more storage space, better traffic flow, and a style that worked with their aesthetic. To get there, the entire kitchen would need to be stripped back to the studs. Needless to say, it was a substantial Washington, DC kitchen renovation. 

Challenge: a more functional and stylish kitchen that fit with the classic Victorian look of the home. The homeowners wanted to keep the historic feel of their home. 

What we did: Ark worked with the owners to create a newer, more open, brighter design that worked for their traffic flow, and as importantly, fit within the historic style appropriate for the home and the neighborhood. Then, on a tight timeline, we renovated the entire kitchen, coupling the modern, clean flair of new appliances with the classic heritage of custom-made cabinetry and lovely wood floors. The family is thrilled with the new heart of their home.

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