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What should your Roofing Contract Warranty?

October 19, 2019
What should your Roofing Contract Warranty?
Winter prep means Autumn is the time to think about our Roofs!

Roofing is always a matter of concern; setting your budget, choosing your contractor, timetable and selecting the material. But today we are going to start with your CONTRACT.

Before hiring the best commercial roofing company that you like, you will have to keep an eye on the warranty that is offered. What follows are points to consider before entering into the contract.

1. A Certified Contractor

The market is filled with roofing contractors who’ll provide you with less expensive services and warranty cover. But there are high chances that you will get deceived if you haven't selected a certified contractor. 

With a certified contractor you get the work done in a systematic manner. They usually deal with the top manufacturers of roofing material so you’ll get the quality material that increases the life of your roof.

2. Manufacturer's Warranty

You may check and scrutinize the contractor's warranty but if it does not contain the manufacturer's warranty, it is probably of no use. A third party involvement in any agreement is a safe proposition. In the case of unavailability of the contractor, you can ask the material manufacturers to provide you with what is covered under the warranty.

3. Scrutinize All the Terms and Conditions

While you are examining the warranty agreement, you must check all those points the agreement does not cover. People often pay attention to what it covers but forget to pay attention to the uncovered things such negligence may put you in trouble in the long run.

Additionally, you should make sure to consider the restrictions warranty cover imposes. When it imposes a restriction, it gives a loophole to the contractor. The restrictive clauses void the agreement indirectly at times. In such cases, communicate it to the contractor and make them remove such clauses from the warranty covenant.

4. Cover of Installation Error

Even if you get a warranty for the material used in roofing, you cannot relax believing your shingles to be foolproof. When the warranty does not cover the installation errors, you are at a big loss. Whether it is a commercial roof or your home, installation error has to be covered by the warranty. Check whether it has been omitted from the warranty or deliberately not included. Don't make the mistake of signing the agreement that doesn’t provide the cover of installation error.

5. The Prorated Warranty

If you are provided with the prorated warranty, you will probably get nothing at the end. Prorated warranty refers to the wear and tear cost on the material based on your usage period. The manufacturer ascertains the coverage after the deduction of wear and tear cost when it is a prorated warranty.

Though it's not the case that you are always at loss in prorated warranties, it's advised not to have it. You should negotiate with the roofer related to the same before signing the agreement.

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