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Growing Families


Need more space? Two of the biggest problems homeowners face when designing a home addition are trying to squeeze too much into a space and not having a clear enough idea of why they need the addition in the first place. That's where Ark can help ~ our experts will help you decide whether or not you need to expand your home outside of its current boundaries, and if so, how much space you should add. We will listen to your needs and wants and translate your vision for the new space into a reality. The talented Ark team will guide you through critical considerations such as: how you want traffic to flow, where high-activity zones should be located, and what requirements you'll need to maximize the value and functionality of your home and the new space. We'll also help create a plan so that the new space is appropriately and seamlessly integrated.

Browse through our additions to gather inspiration from other projects. Imagine what you need in your new space and call us for a consult: 301.654.6624

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